Rich Fennessy’s experience working with IBM for 17 years provided him with the knowledge necessary to take startup technology companies and grow them into profitable, reputable brands. After earning his Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University, Rich Fennessy began working with IBM, where he climbed the company ladder quickly. During his 17 year long career there, Rich Fennessy held positions like National Account Channel Sales Manager, Executive Assistant to General Manager of Worldwide Sales and Channels, Director of Asia Pacific Marketing, Vice President of Worldwide Sales, and General Manager of IBM.com. Leaving IBM in 2004, Rich Fennessy accepted an offer to become the President and Chief Executive Officer of Insight Enterprises Inc., offering IT solutions to clients in over 170 countries. Feverishly growing the company’s net sales, gross margins, and physical size, Rich Fennessy brought Insight Enterprises onto the Fortune 500 list at Rank #477, and was named VARBusiness Executive of the Year in 2008.

In 2010, Rich Fennessy changed his focus to leading early stage technology companies, namely PeopleJar, Inc. and Luvit List, LLC. At both of these businesses, Rich Fennessy is leveraging the immense popularity of social networking and digital media by building new opportunities for connecting people and brands around common interests or through sharing memorable experiences.  Aside from Luvit List and PeopleJar, Rich Fennessy is also a board member for eTelemetry, Inc., a company that helps industries monitor network activity to generate internal intelligence, and Blue Calypso, a Dallas, Texas firm that combines the technology of mobile devices with current social media platforms to deliver advertising solutions. Rich Fennessy donates his time and resources to several charities in his community of Paradise Valley, Arizona, and offers his professional experience as the President of Xavier College Preparatory High School’s Board of Trustees.


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